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New perspective

Over the past few days I have had an increased realisation that my previously politically-correct penchant for using public transport has turned into a moral nightmare. I’ve touched on this before but what was once saving the planet by not using my car, has turned into potential selfishness, depriving key workers of a 2-metre space.

And of course, it would also be a possible infection-fest for me. Not sure I could get all the way to London from here on the train without breathing in. I was already pretty good at not touching anything on that journey, as a hangover from one of the Norovirus or flu scares a few years back. I think I would risk it though, if it weren’t for the moral obligation to stay at home if the journey isn’t necessary.

I am not joking and nor am I disapproving or bitter.

But this makes me sad – and effectively grounded.

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