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I have completed my first supermarket shop wearing a mask – well, strictly it’s a face-covering and most definitely not a medical mask. But mask is easier to type.

This is a hand-made item, in pretty pale blue fabric with a tiny leaf pattern. When I first tried it on earlier this week, I felt panicky and faint within just a few breaths. And I couldn’t avoid misting up my glasses. So I had been dreading this.

I wore my mask for 30 minutes at my desk this morning and walked up and down the stairs a few times. OK – I can do this!

I managed to wear the mask from getting out of the car to getting back in. I also wore gloves. Fewer than 50% of others in the store had bothered. I think we probably need to make it compulsory, although maybe it will make people less careful about the distancing if we’re all wearing them. Hmm. Difficult one.

Anyway, I consider that a milestone. I wonder when I will get my first mask-free shop?

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