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Achievement morning

It is 10am.

I have already succeeded (I use that word advisedly, and quite probably incorrectly) in the following:

  • Washing the dishes from yesterday evening’s meal, which includes the grill pan after sausages, and a saucepan with mashed potato remnants. Two of my absolute faves.
  • Vacuuming the kitchen floor and under the tables in the breakfast room where the cat seems to shed more fur than he actually wears on a more-than-weekly basis.
  • Mopping the kitchen floor to try and remove the various unexplained stains and smears that most definitely have nothing to do with my culinary catastrophes.
  • Taking in the post (none of it for me) and the milk from the step.
  • Completing my daily diary – for the wrong day. (In fairness to myself, days are pretty much all the same and who will ever care if I have listed my exciting Sainsbury’s trip inaccurately. As long as there is never a police investigation for which evidence will be needed…maybe I should change it after all? Or maybe I have watched too many detective procedurals on TV?)
  • Almost getting rid of today’s headache. Almost. Not completely. Still there. Making me annoyed. Can you tell?

Look on the bright side. I can tick some things off my to-do list and feel better about myself.

Except I don’t. Grrrrr.


Ticking those boxes

As a follow up from my last entry, I seem to be emerging from a few days of general miserableness, hurrah!

I am delighted to report that I did indeed find something to do with the cherries from our tree. Despite being in a foul mood, I created three jars of cherry and raspberry jam, using the remaining frozen raspberries from last year’s crop. Only slight burning on the pan (can’t taste it, honest) and a residual disgusting brown colour on my fingers from the cherry pitting. Small price to pay.

From the seemingly impossible list on Saturday, I achieved the steps and calorie consumption before midnight – escaping, as usual, for a march around the neighbourhood which helped to ease my mood a little. This is the most reliably achieved of my regular targets – my Fitbit is my master!

I deferred the other items to the next day, although I was in no better mood then – in fact, probably worse. But, ever the determined old grump, I …

  • planted the tomato seedlings into bigger pots outside – on a lovely table left by my departing neighbours
  • did my ironing whilst catching up with some mindless TV, and
  • also managed to finish watching Normal People one whole day before the scheduled broadcasting of the final two episodes.

I didn’t finish my song, but have forgiven myself for that. I sang something else instead.

I don’t seem to have saved the world yet though. Maybe tomorrow?


Why has it taken this long to…

…change my nominated pharmacy where my GP sends my prescription? 

There used to be a good reason why I went to the previous chemist’s, but it was always horrible in there, usually inefficient, and sometimes incompetent. For 18 months now, the old good reason has not existed and I’ve picked up prescriptions for my husband at a nearer, much nicer one.

So why not do it before now?

Because it was so damned difficult to find the place on the GP’s website to make the change. Of course, once I found it – and it was not actually in a stupid place, just not in the places I’d looked before – then it was soooo simple.

Another tick on my long list of tiny things to do that really make a difference!


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