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Trying to write something profound for this blog. Or something amusing and at least thoughtful

Can’t hear myself think – as my parents would once have said when the telly was too loud – because someone else in my house (there is only ONE other person in this house) is participating in a chaps’ Zoom meeting on his computer with no headphones. A range of old gits telling each other which pubs they have wistfully walked past this week, how their views on face-coverings differ from the younger generations’, and – inevitably – struggling to get all of their number to access the stupid meeting properly in the first place.

He’s ignoring them mostly and still playing his online game at the same time. And just occasionally shouting at them with his own opinion. 

I’m going to have to leave the house. 

So, I retreat to the garden (lucky me!) and there, instead of old farts grumbling on, there is full-volume birdsong (ok, that’s a GOOD thing), a background buzzing of bees in the laburnum (also a very GOOD thing), the intermittent buzzing of a sander (perhaps not such a good thing, but reasonable) and then – another of my pet hates – the mind-numbing bass beat of rock music from a neighbour’s shed-office whose walls syphon off the melody and top-notes that I might like to hear (ok, maybe not, but you never know), leaving an irritating background pulse for outsiders.

Reaches for noise-cancelling headphones so I can be truly alone…



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