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I mentioned in a recent post that I mostly have to set my own rules so that I can make the choice to follow them.

I might not have a terribly good rule about housework…currently I’m working on the basis that I’ll have to clean absolutely everything before anyone visits at Christmas, so what’s the point of doing it right now and having to re-do it in a week’s time?

Bleak housework

Maybe it really is harder to be upbeat when the sky is grey. Today there isn’t even an exciting gusty wind rattling the window to pique my interest.  Just low-grade rain.

The prospect of continuing lack of travel, or proper group singing, or actual live theatre, or employment for my kids – somehow seems more overwhelming when I’ve also got to do the housework.

Haha – there’s the thing. Housework doesn’t get displaced by reading an absorbing book or watching YouTube or a decent film. It just piles up around me.

So – I have rationed it. Half today (now done – hurrah) and half on Thursday, because I have a date for a distanced walk with a friend tomorrow and I’m hoping we’ll go whatever the weather and share our miserablenesses joyfully together. 

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