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Travel thoughts

On Facebook this week, there has been a spate of posts with lists of countries and cities, annotated by each Fb friend to show how many of these somewhat random places they have visited. I rarely participate in these ‘share and re-post’ exercises, but travel-logging is my Achilles Heel, so I merrily spent a few surplus minutes completing and sharing my results.

In fact, I should now be in Vancouver with my daughter. Our flights were yesterday. We were heading for a mother-daughter-bonding train trip cross-country to Toronto, where she would have met friends and continued with a longer stay to include a visit to relatives in the US. The flights and the train were cancelled. Instead, my daughter has virus symptoms and is holed up in a flat the other side of London, newly unemployed, and I’m at my desk doing silly quizzes. 

On the upside, I found a shop selling eggs today! All is not lost.


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