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Shopping again

I risked the supermarket again today. 

Last week we offered a ‘vulnerable’ person the option to ask us to do his shopping. He initially declined, but rang us yesterday to see if we could do a shop for him. He can get about, but should not visit big public places like supermarkets – he’s elderly and a former cancer patient.

I was more than happy to have a valid excuse to get out of the house. He dropped a typed shopping list through our door last night and we called him to verify a few things before I went out. I have never met this guy before: I was very nervous about understanding his preferences. I know almost nothing about him!

Anyhow, I managed to get everything on his list. He claims it will last him four weeks. It included some fresh fruit and veg (although the fruit will not eke out for a month, I’m sure) and some meat for roasting, lots of tins, bread, milk – but nothing I would class as a treat. It all cost £46. Six bags, very heavy. For forty-six quid!

So, there’s a lesson! 

He refused to let me drop the shopping off, preferring to come to our door and pick it up (in a reverse manoeuvre from what I have seen on other people’s doorsteps when their supermarket delivery has arrived). I suppose he wanted some sort of an excuse to put his coat on and drive a short way to get away from his own four walls.

I have been feeling I should volunteer for something now I’m pretty sure I’m clear of any travel-acquired nasties. So that’s done me some good too.


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