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Trains, migraines and Prince Charles

Have had a few days being too grumpy to write anything. This is largely to do with waking with a migraine every sodding morning this week and the complete crapness of Southwestern Railingways – plus a creeping fear that retiring is “the wrong thing”. (It isn’t. Probably…)

Migraines – I am so tired of these and will explain more another day.

SWR – they put up clever videos about how they’re dealing with autumn leaves on the line but then something completely different goes wrong instead and the trains go even slower. Or don’t turn up at all. However, there’s good  sport in hoping one of our many unscheduled pauses will be right next to the “Bollocks to Brexit” poster just before arriving at Waterloo. That cheers me up a bit. Just the fact that it says Bollocks in big letters at 7am.

Today’s early morning trip to work was surreally completed by staggering through the revolving doors, obviously with the usual chilly tears streaming down my right cheek, but this time with the accompaniment on my radio earbuds of the National Anthem. It’s apparently Prince Charles’ birthday. Cue even more surprised welling up. Our security guys must wonder about me.  Still they let me in whatever state I seem to be in.

That quite cheered me up too. Ludicrous.

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