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Titting about

I thought I was safe from my stupid public weeping when the weather grew a little warmer this last few days and the chill breeze temporarily relaxed. A cheek less damp – an eye less brimming.

My confidence was ill-placed however. Rather than seasonal gusting, it was some excellent Titting About that caused me to veer helplessly off the footpath in the Park to avoid being seen by approaching cyclists and fellow walkers. This time I wept in titting amusement rather than pain, embarrassment or eye-condition.

There’s something glorious about shared laughter*, middle-aged swearing, arguments about food choices and unfettered ranting as delivered by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders on their Audible Podcast series happily titled Titting About. They do genuinely seem to be making each other laugh as great friends can do. Their spontaneous giggling is always infectious – probably even more so because I am of similar age and gender. I was going to say similar life experience too – but of course, there are some pretty large differences: fame, talent, wealth etc. OK, back to age and gender. 

And cauliflower has always been a divisive vegetable.

*Listening to helpless laughter is usually wonderfully uplifting – but dangerous on headphones in public. Remember this from a year ago. Some things seem not to have changed at all! I see my writing has not developed one bit. Nor, perhaps, my life. Sigh!


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