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Pod tears again

It’s that time of year again, when the autumn wind kicks up and I find myself unable to focus outdoors because of the unbidden tears. 

Today I went for my daily more-than-an-hour march around the local country park and realised that my right eye is noticeably worse than I remembered. Very rapidly my right cheek and the right breast of my jacket are tear-stained. I fear I am going to have to do something medical about this – even if that means I have to change the title of my website!

Still, the dripping did not deter me from my striding out in what was a rather pleasant afternoon. I continue my involvement with podcasts and quickly polished off the latest Brexitcast edition. I love Brexitcast probably more for the insight it brings to the job of being a reporter than the considerable insights shared regarding the process that is, or may be, Brexit. However, I still feel vaguely embarrassed to admit to myself that I once told friends I couldn’t bear to watch Laura Kuenssberg on News at Ten – while I now hang on her every word along with all three other presenters. Fickle, that’s what I am. Or perhaps she’s calmed down a bit?

Anyhow, one Brexitcast does not get me all the way round my constitutional, so I moved on to Off Menu – with James Acaster (I’ve seen him Live at the Edinburgh Fringe so it’s like I know him and like to keep up with him) and Ed Gamble (with whom I have no history) and an episode with Daisy May Cooper, writer of and lead actor in This Country (because This Country is actually my country as well, although I’ve retained less of the accent than Daisy/Kerry).

I would not recommend this episode if you are walking around on your own with the possibility of anyone seeing you – especially if one of your eyes is already watering uncontrollably. The second half in particular was problematic, as by this time I was back on pavements with far more people around and it was almost impossible to control my features. I am accustomed to the streaming tears and less self-conscious about it than I used to be, but I am quite sure I was grimacing and actually snorting from time to time. There’s something about listening to other people laughing uncontrollably isn’t there? Joyful!

But honestly, how can anyone have Pizza Hut salad for pudding…?


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