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Musing on music

Although I usually listen to podcasts on my daily walks, I have recently added more music to the mix and discovered that I walk faster more easily when accompanied by tunes rather than words.

I have also been using Spotify more randomly than before – allowing it to choose tracks for me, rather than insisting on my own pre-determined playlist. I sort of objected on principle to this second guessing for a while, but I’m getting over myself a bit now and giving it a chance. 

Deep in the Park the other day, a track called 5AM by Dave Gilmour came on. For some bizarre reason (and not because I was in a miserable mood this time) I thought ‘Oh this would be one for a funeral’. Then I saw the title and realised it quite definitely should not be for my own funeral, as it refers to a time of day with which no-one would ever associate me and with which I hope never to become over-familiar in this life.

So that was the end of that morbid thought.

It was rather atmospheric in the dappled sunshine though.

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