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Oven-ready to travel-ready

I’m going off traveling for a while. This brings a small but very serious dilemma: what to do with my roots. My hair with the increasingly grey-striped parting. How can I be away from the salon for more than three weeks at a stretch without turning into a badger or a skunk?

So I have resorted to the popular “go lighter first and have some highlights done” plan. Sunday saw me sitting in the Hairdresser’s chair all foiled up, with blue paste oozing here and there. I am always nervous of doing anything new with my hair and have had the same style most of my life, if it can actually be called a style. I was almost as hot under the collar as the Christmas turkey with my similar shiny crown.

Actually the sort-of blonde is fine but taking some getting used to. I don’t suppose it will make me any more visible than I was as a brown haired person, but I’m going to see if I can have more fun anyway.

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