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Oh dear

I was not going to post whilst away on holiday. I have just spent a wonderful – if exhausting – 10 days in Namibia which I have been documenting (relentlessly!) elsewhere.

Although we had connectivity on our phones and saw headlines, I avoided reading any details. I have been temperature tested three times in airports in the last two weeks, but other than that, have successfully ignored Corona Virus. Not sure Namibia have any cases yet.

But now, arrived in Cape Town, I made the foolish decision to watch some Sky News on the TV in our hotel room. And to check my finances a little.

So, I guess things have not been going well…and I’m relieved we have a couple of huge bars of soap in our house for when we get home.

And to make me yet more aware of our global fragility, there is a Load Shedding program in place in Cape Town to deal with electricity/power shortages. This means that our hotel has to use a generator at certain times of the day and restricts power usage as a result – and we have short complete darknesses when they switch from one to another. Quite startling when in the shower!

It also means that traffic lights stop working from time to time, making for an interesting ride from the airport to the hotel in our unfamiliar hire car. 

All adds to life’s rich tapestry I suppose. 

Off to wash my hands again. 

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