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I still feel strange binge-watching things. I guess I still cling on to the old-fashioned idea of watching a TV series one episode at a time – usually once a week in the same time slot. In fact, it is far more convenient to watch when it suits me.

So, with a huge amount of ironing to do yesterday and no-one else in the house for a few hours, I watched back-to-back episodes of ‘The Split’ on BBC iPlayer. Then felt weirdly guilty.

Last week I had re-discovered the whole of 1990s ‘This Life’ on iPlayer: one of my all-time favourite shows. I watched two of those in a row as well. Ah nostalgia with a modern-day viewing twist.

If only I could bring myself to sit down and watch TV during the day, then I could make a lot more progress with these box-set or binge-watches. But, for now, that is a rule I simply can’t start breaking so early in my retirement.

Off to the park for a march around and a pod-cast instead!

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