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This late burst of sunny weather should be uplifting but somehow has not sparked enthusiasm in me. Perhaps it’s all the doom and gloom of rising infection numbers again. Or maybe it’s a combination of the following:

  • The fact that I’ve booked a dinner with two friends in London for next week and have no expectation of it actually taking place.
  • The fact that a different and larger group last week failed to reduce our numbers in a satisfactory way to meet up in a six-some, after the ‘rule of six’ came in, and our booked restaurant cancelled the two adjacent tables of four. Quite right of course, but our previous two quarterly meet-ups had been impossible due to lockdown, so we had been keen to go ahead this time. Somehow collective exhaustion won the day, despite a couple of very keen proponents.
  • The fear that my mental faculties are declining yet further – I can’t seem to fathom how to rationalise my family tree. My 84 year old aunt has been asking me if I can prove once and for all whether we are somehow related to Sir Christopher Wren. I’m damned if I know. I get back to a branch of a Wren family and then the records go completely haywire. I’ve tried writing it down rather than using the online tree because it’s so big and complicated now, but I can’t remember from one minute to the next which person I’m actually researching. I discover wonderful things, only to realise 5 minutes later that I already knew that!
  • The ongoing failure to decorate the house. (Some progress has been made though – I’ve emptied my daughter’s old bedroom of clutter and most furniture, and purchased some paint tester pots. Sits back in exhaustion…)
  • The frustration that I’ve still not managed to write either of the interesting articles I had planned to do. No doubt they will be way past their read-by date by the time I get round to it.
  • The inability to remember my occasional bursts of inspiration – I definitely had a great idea for a short and pithy blog post earlier today but it completely escapes me now.
  • The endless f***ing headaches!

But – only a week ago I was energised and happy as a result (probably) of my brief trip away to the Essex boating world. Aha, so I need to go somewhere else now. A little trip would do the trick – if only I could be bothered to sort it out. Clearly such gallivanting would sort out ALL the above issues… hmm.


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