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Bye bye Kylie

In addition to the excess weight I carry in January, another hangover from Christmas is the increase in unwanted marketing emails received from present-purchase websites.

So this has been today’s New Year task – unsubscribe! No more Pinterest cowboy shirt ads (was a mistake in the first place – long story), auf wiedersehen to the friendly German drum equipment site (boom boom) and bon voyage to several jolly sailing clothes stores.

But, hang on. Can I really say goodbye to Kylie Jenner who has been my BFF since Christmas 2018? Several mails a day – a close relationship for sure. Hmm – sorry Kylie m’dear – but although you kindly, and successfully, prompted me to take advantage of Black Friday for a repeat order, yes, I think I will stick with my 2-year old lip-salve for now.


Happy Quiet Inbox Day.

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