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Winter walking

Today was properly winter. The kind of winter that you actually want to remember. Cold and with a heavy morning frost. An almost cloudless sky. Time for a walk – and not just one of my usual solo routes through Richmond Park, but a proper trek out as a twosome in a different location.

Four miles alongside the Wey Navigation and the Arun river (Guildford area) – perfect. Properly wrapped up against the cold and be-wellied so that we could slosh through some of the remaining floodwater when necessary, and slither around on patches of mud without fretting about cleaning our walking boots on return home before putting them away.

Nice to see later on – when I had uploaded a few pics on Facebook, as I am wont to do – that many of my friends had the same idea today. Beautiful pictures posted, for example, by my oldest Facebook friend (male, aged 90) and one of my younger ex-colleagues (female, definitely nearer my children’s age than my own) – proving that enjoyment of our surroundings and the simple act of going for a walk crosses all genders and ages. Ok, ‘all’ is an exaggeration, but you know what I mean!

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