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Tiring of it now

I’m not quite sure what exactly it is that I’m tiring of at the moment, but I sense I am not alone. 

In the first few weeks of lockdown, we had myriad Zooms – quizzes, games, meetings, singing – but these have gradually dwindled, apart from those which replace actual gatherings which would have happened anyway. My Monday morning singing group continues which allows us to learn new songs and practise old ones. This is good and works well. My husband has a few regular get-togethers in the diary which have replaced the ‘actual’ with the virtual, so that life can go on.

Some days, it all feels fine and I’m proud of my smarter garden and my occasional contributions to our local key worker support efforts.

Other days, it feels as though nothing will ever be the same again. No more booking flights to somewhere new at the drop of a hat. No more reflex trips to Cornwall when the weather looks set fair for a walk. No more live theatre! 

OK – I’m exaggerating now. But I’m starting to get itchy feet or cabin fever or something, balanced by a looming fear of actually going anywhere in company again. The realisation that my public transport habit, previously so laudable as planet-saving, will be not only potentially dangerous from my own health perspective, but also possibly frowned upon as non-essential use in the near-term. 

I think I need another quick look at Daisy May Cooper’s Instagrams to raise a laugh.

Ooh – just had an Insta scroll and my daughter has posted a pic which shows her cat modelling the latest DIY success.

Cheered up now. Sometimes it doesn’t take much.


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