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Ticking those boxes

As a follow up from my last entry, I seem to be emerging from a few days of general miserableness, hurrah!

I am delighted to report that I did indeed find something to do with the cherries from our tree. Despite being in a foul mood, I created three jars of cherry and raspberry jam, using the remaining frozen raspberries from last year’s crop. Only slight burning on the pan (can’t taste it, honest) and a residual disgusting brown colour on my fingers from the cherry pitting. Small price to pay.

From the seemingly impossible list on Saturday, I achieved the steps and calorie consumption before midnight – escaping, as usual, for a march around the neighbourhood which helped to ease my mood a little. This is the most reliably achieved of my regular targets – my Fitbit is my master!

I deferred the other items to the next day, although I was in no better mood then – in fact, probably worse. But, ever the determined old grump, I …

  • planted the tomato seedlings into bigger pots outside – on a lovely table left by my departing neighbours
  • did my ironing whilst catching up with some mindless TV, and
  • also managed to finish watching Normal People one whole day before the scheduled broadcasting of the final two episodes.

I didn’t finish my song, but have forgiven myself for that. I sang something else instead.

I don’t seem to have saved the world yet though. Maybe tomorrow?


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