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Fragile humour

For some reason I woke up totally miserable today. Happens sometimes – got to just get on with it, but it has been harder than usual.

It helps to tick things off a list when this happens. It’s now 3pm and I have successfully achieved the following so far –

  • eaten breakfast
  • spent over an hour working out the next couple of days’ worth of deliveries I need to arrange for the local sewing group, and securing drivers for the next three , whilst avoiding (just!) resigning or throwing a grump-fit
  • fathomed how to return an Amazon delivery of COMPLETELY THE WRONG ITEM (at least it was not another unwanted garden pond – which is still gathering dust in our front porch)
  • achieved return of COMPLETELY THE WRONG ITEM via a local convenience store, including appropriate social distancing and trying-not-to-be-smug-or-arsey wearing of my cloth face-covering
  • delivery of food-bank items to local drop-off address (and subsequent realisation that nearly all the items were on the latest list of  “we have enough of …” Well, I don’t want pasta and beans either, I suppose)
  • eaten lunch – Scotch egg and a gluten-free cherry bakewell as a special treat
  • read the newspaper in the garden

Still to achieve:

  • Planting out of my tomato seedings – to be achieved without appropriate compost or canes
  • Walking more than 6000 steps, or some-other-how burning more than 1000 calories before midnight
  • Ironing – my clothes may be clean, but I have no more tops which are presentable without an iron over them
  • Writing a song for a performance tomorrow (OR – thinking of a way to avoid the performance)
  • Working out what I can do with the few cherries the birds have left us on our cherry tree
  • Doing whatever it is that I find can be done with the few cherries the birds have left us on our cherry tree – quickly, before they all rot
  • Catching up with the many TV box-sets I decided to watch but have fallen behind with
  • Saving the world (obvs)

I have, however, been cheered by an email which has just popped into my inbox inviting me to a Quiz by the Alzheimers Society. I am sure this is inappropriate, but I am assuming they will ask questions such as “What is your name?” “Who is the Prime Minister?” “Do you know what month it is?” etc. And already I am having fun concocting answers which will fit our ridiculous current times whilst trying to avoid being ‘diagnosed’ immediately.

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