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We had been saving the second season of Succession for the barren TV summer months and have completed it over the past few days. Thoroughly recommend – we were both completely hooked.

I have spent chunks of today trying to learn how to play the theme music on the piano. I have had some degree of success but, as usual, have fallen short of mastering the wretched thing – yet.  But I have pinned down my favourite theme and can play those few bars reliably now.

That is satisfying, but I’ve also discovered that by working out what the notes are on the piano I can now visualise them in my head, and sing them too.  How strange is the human musical brain.

Or maybe it’s just me that’s strange.

Anyway, I rewarded myself with a very long walk and multiple episodes of Desert Island Discs and The Road Less Travelled on my podcast machine. 

However, my subsequent attempts to get the tune out of my head  are failing dismally. Ah well…



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