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Old dog, new software

Did I mentioned earlier that I wrote a song? I believe in my excitement and embarrassment I did.

Whilst of course I managed to type out the lyrics, which I could then share with my friends, I had scrawled the notes in purple pen on a page of music paper printed for free from a music theory website. Despite my efforts to recall my rudimentary teenage music training, I found it quite a pain.

Since I have now had requests to share the music, I felt I should do more than just photocopy my wonky scribbles. So I downloaded some recommended software – MuseScore – and it has given me a whole new lease of life. I have just spent the best part of two days re-creating and documenting my simplistic tune and adding 4-part harmony to the chorus! Is there no end to the hours this woman has available to waste?

The end result is, of course, no masterpiece and I suspect the harmonising etc adheres to no musical rules whatsoever (because any memory I have of learning the rules is extremely hazy). But the satisfaction of setting myself this challenge and the enjoyment of completing it has been enormous in an otherwise rather quiet January.

I walked for two and a half sunny-but-cold hours in the park this afternoon in celebration – and to make up for sitting at my computer for so long fiddling with the notes.

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