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Getting all theatrical again

I’ve spent this afternoon trying to write a review of my latest trips to the theatre.

I set myself an urgent deadline to finish it, because the play I saw last night (Manor at the National) was a preview with its press night tonight. So my review would be unclouded by anything I might have read online or in the press, and I am notoriously awful at knowing what I actually think. I know whether I like something or not, but often this is on a very shallow level. I’m no intellectual and, despite a BA which included papers on literature, have never been good at expressing opinion. “That was good!” “Very funny.” etc.

So I tried to take myself seriously for a while, and plugged away at the latest update of my Ramblings on ENTERTAINMENT. While this is still a very high-level and probably ill-informed review, it is at least not riffing off anyone else’s.

Stick to the day job methinks.

And on that note, I’ve stupidly signed up for another Supporting Artist jaunt on Thursday, so it’s off to the Covid test again tomorrow in anticipation. Joy.



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