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I think that every small ailment I now have is a symptom of ongoing COVID infection and most probably this Long COVID that is referred to in the press.

Currently, painful heels which have persisted for weeks or months now (lost track), a smell of smoke in my nose most evenings (also had for months, since I lost my sense of taste briefly in March, to the extent of almost not noticing now but it’s still there), and now a strange rash on arms and legs including elbows and heels.

Of course, without paying for a test of some sort or checking in with a GP (and inevitably looking silly) I will probably never know. Makes me a little more careful wearing my mask in public though and trying not to touch things – for other people’s sakes, but I guess it will benefit me too if in fact I’ve never yet been COVIDified.

I expect all the symptoms could also be attributed to my time of life, but of course I particularly prefer NOT to think that.

Btw, I got all the paraphernalia out this morning to do my latest monthly UKBiobank blood test, only to realise at the last minute that this time they’ve asked me to do it on Tuesday! Big anticlimax, especially after pre-drinking several glasses of water to hydrate as instructed. Irritating consequences on a 2-hour Zoom call thereafter…

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