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Arm first?

Todays’ challenge: how to put my top on ‘right arm first’. 

Since falling over a couple of weeks ago, most of my limbs have healed. But my right elbow graze was deeper than I realised, and has been tight and uncomfortable because of being on a bendy bit. Someone gave me a manuka honey dressing*, which was very messy and has required a bulky bandage. 

So, I have been taking great care getting dressed, so as not to disturb the bandage or rub the increasingly weepy wound. This involved putting my right arm into clothes first. Now I have seen people dressing like this as though it was completely normal, but I’m afraid it is equally completely alien to me. The more I thought about it, the harder it seemed, with or without a mirror. Slightly better with the mirror perhaps.

Oh well, if they allow me to go arse over tit in the street, then what do I expect from my pathetic coordination skills.

Did a 2 hour walking delivery today though, so there’s an element of satisfaction about me all the same.

And my daughter appears to have marched shoulder to shoulder (at a 2m distance I’m sure) with a film star today, only realising at the end when his mask slipped, so that made me smile too.

*The dressing was actually 8 years out of date and originally for a dog. Desperate measures for desperate times.

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