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Nearly there

I am so close to finishing the article I’ve been writing for the last many months.

In celebration, I’ve been distracting myself yet further by attempting to write a sea shanty. Why not join the millions of others who are jumping on this particular bandwagon? I’ve already declared to my singing group that I haven’t written anything new for our virtual pub session tomorrow, so I have no idea why I’m even trying. Maybe the relentless rain has something to do with it. Or just the usual procrastination over my article. That’s usually the way anything else gets done – when I was originally determined to do thing one, I’ll get things seven, eight and fifty-five done instead.

I am slightly worried that another reason for sea-shanty writing may be that I feel I have set a precedent for writing original (and mildly humorous) material for these sessions and I am letting myself down by not doing so again. So why didn’t I start a month ago when we were given the theme for this month’s session? No idea. And really, who will care – apart from me – that there is no Jillings special this time? No-one.

It may also be that I can’t settle to anything sensible because I’m currently feeling all skittish with small success. I seem to have got myself quoted on the BBC again: this time on Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review podcast (here if you’re interested). In fact, my contribution riffs off a Facebook post of my husband’s two years ago so it’s more of a family affair really, but that’s quite nice in a way. 

Ho hum. I guess it’s good to achieve something though, however small or insignificant that might be in the greater scheme of things, it somehow proves I still exist.

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