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IMDb (In My Dreams, baby)

Just back from a three-night break in Cornwall where I completed two more stages of my everlasting South West Coast Path walk, and rounded Land’s End in the process.

I should be feeling energised and pleased with myself, but those feelings have already dissipated after returning home and I fear the next few months of sameness, shorter and colder days, decorating … and bloody CHRISTMAS! – will not be easy, despite my obviously privileged lifestyle. 

Ah well, looking back on my last blog post, perhaps I can hang my battered and jaded hopes on a glittering career in the arts.

Btw, I just idly wondered what IMDb* actually stands for. ‘In My Dreams, baby’ probably best fits the bill right now.

*obviously I can Google as well as the next person. It actually means the Internet Movie Database.

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