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I have given in and had my hair re-tinted. I am so disappointed in myself – and so relieved. There was a particular prompt – I will share another day.

On my visit to the salon, there were the obvious changes involving masks, visors and distancing between stylists’ chairs. All good.

But the highlight for me was a customer, eighty if she was a day, approaching the young male assistant who was washing my hair at the time, wanting to leave him a tip and waving an actual banknote. “Can I put this in your pocket?” she asked, as he looked helplessly at her gesticulating with his shampoo-covered hands. 

She looked at me mischievously. “It’s years since I’ve done this!” – and proceeded to invade the young man’s jeans pocket – his front jeans pocket. Slowly. To savour the moment I suppose. “Ooh, that’s tight…”

The poor guy. Not only had he been touched up royally by an octogenarian, but he now had his current ‘lady’ crying in fits of laughter, and his stylist colleagues similarly convulsed.

Made my day, for sure as well as hers.

I left my own tip safely at the till on my way out. He wasn’t my type.


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