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Dentist and the dump

This second lockdown is so tedious. We have arguments about what actual day of the week it is!

This week’s excitement for this household (apart from an illicit vegetable pasty on top of a Surrey hill which I’m completely sure was ‘essential’), was ‘Dentist visit’ – on consecutive days for our respective appointments. We have different dentists, with different Covid protocols, so that made for some interesting swapping of stories (not really, but hey, it is at least SOMETHING to talk about apart from whether it’s Tuesday or Wednesday today*).

Annoyingly, Mr J also booked a trip to the local refuse centre at the same time as my dentist appointment – so I could not go with him. How desperate does one have to be to be upset at the lack of such a thrilling experience? 

Ah well. At least we still have 7 episodes of The Crown, Season 4 to watch. 

*or even Thursday!!!

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