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A story for a rainy day

It’s been a very rainy day. 

I spent much of the time doing useful things.

When I’d done, I so wanted to sit in a comfy chair and read a book.

The two books I am currently reading are these. I am enjoying them and making good progress with both – one during the day and one in the evenings, no idea why.

But they were absolutely no good at all for a rainy day. I needed a story. A properly absorbing tale where I could tear through a couple of hundred pages, punctuated only by a coffee or looking out of the window to check if the rain had stopped.

And I didn’t have one to hand.

Thank goodness for the ‘useful things’ achieved (and for a brilliant #PlayCrush podcast with Denise Gough on my drizzly walk) – or it would have been a complete waste of a rainy day.

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