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Getting all technical

Today marks one week since I started using a new Fitbit. I now have a Charge 4 which has replaced my old Alta HR. This one is less attractive I feel – rather larger and blacker – but I am able to configure it with an easily readable clock face which also displays key data of my choosing (albeit absolutely minuscule, but just about visible through my varifocals).

I realise that I am a complete nerd with my stats, so I am watching carefully to see what has changed – if anything – by a) using the new device instead of the old one and b) switching it to my left wrist. I always wore the Alta on my right wrist because when I originally bought it, I still wore a nice watch on my left. I am ambidextrous so  although I fessed up to the Alta being on my dominant wrist (I write with my right hand), and have now told the App that I am wearing the Charge 4 on my non-dominant hand, I don’t expect to see much difference. The main ‘over-counts’ in the past were peeling potatoes and hair-brushing, and frankly I don’t do enormous amounts of either. We wait to see if any exciting stats come out of my increased focus over the next months.

Given that I have spent the past week or so eating out more and scoffing various birthday gifts of fudge/choc/marzipan etc, I am targeting a much higher daily calorie count in the coming weeks to compensate, so it’s nice to have a new toy to play with for added motivation.

As it happens, I am also in full-on technical mode today, having spent a random couple of hours successfully (I think) working out how to add a Follow button to this website. I have long wondered why it didn’t magically have one (my travel blog seemed to come equipped with one without any assistance from me – see here if you want to read that one – rather quiet since lockdown of course), but it seems because I use a website for onecryingeye rather than a simple blog and chose a different host, there was rather more for me to do to make it happen. But I did, and I am now feeling inordinately smug.

And hoping that now I will garner enormous numbers of followers. That’s just asking for trouble, and disappointment, but hey. Can’t just write for myself forever can I?

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