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Monster tears

In my ongoing quest for thespian cultural kicks, I watched the Old Vic’s production ‘A Monster Calls’* yesterday.

Thank God I did not attend in person when it was staged. The blubbing was immense. 

I had intended to watch Acts 1 and 2 separately, but realised I needed to plough straight on because I would need to steel myself too much to log back in for the second half after a break. 

I watched on my laptop and listened on headphones. By the end, I was proper sobbing – sniffling, my whole face wet and runny. I reached into my bag and wiped my eyes and nose on the nearest soft article I found inside. I’m not even going to admit what it was, but I promise to be a lot tidier and hygienic with my handbag organisation in future!

I needed a very long walk and several podcasts to get over the whole experience.

*I would recommend this production if you have clean tissues ready and want a good cry, but it was available only for one week streaming until 7pm 11th June. There is also a film but I have not seen that (and probably won’t bother now). I love the fact that there is so much theatre available to watch online. Not really a substitute for being there in person but a great way to catch things I’d missed, and a poignant reminder of how we hope it will be again in the theatre after all this is done.

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