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Went to see the Oscar nominated film ‘1917’ today. An early afternoon booking in an IMAX screen – a rare cinema visit for me.

The film certainly lived up to expectations for emotional and spectacular content. Completely gripping, so much so that I was not at all upset that my bag of Maltesers ran out long before the end. Quite gruesome – well, extremely gruesome, but that’s war for you. There was no pretending this was glorious in any way.

One additional and perhaps unexpected success, for me, was that my husband did no tutting and only very minimal head-shaking throughout, thus indicating that any artistic licence taken with how things would really have been was no more than could be expected in a decent feature film. Splendid. Money and an afternoon well-spent, particularly given the appalling weather outside today.

Oh – and once again, my Fitbit claims I was asleep for over an hour. 

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