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Super-heated break

I hadn’t realised it was a whole week since I posted a blog. In the meantime, I have been Twittering and Instagramming around – and doing some more filming (more of that another day). We have also started socialising a little – a socially-distanced back-garden barbecue at a friend’s house, a pub garden birthday gathering for another friend and a local restaurant meal with our kids to celebrate a birthday.

And – it has been unrelentingly hot. Our Edwardian house takes a few days to absorb hot weather, but there is now no refuge from the overpowering and debilitating heat. I have even been persuaded that it is worth running the risk (low, in everyone else’s opinion) of birds coming in through fully opened sliding doors and Velux windows in our bedroom overnight in order to mitigate the oppressive temperatures.  Nevertheless, even with fenestration fully agape (yes, I’m in a pompous and overheated mood and running towards literary lunacy) it has still been TOO HOT.

There was a thunderstorm this afternoon and it is cooler now. The stormy rumblings continue, and the atmosphere is not yet refreshed, but we’re getting there.

I am not sure whether it is the unaccustomed social activity or just the heat which has distracted me from writing, but I will try to do better in the next few days. 

Meanwhile, I think the pigeons are planning an invasion, so I might reduce the window apertures to cracks tonight.



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