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Sunsets and filmstars

Today has been something of a write-off. I have been on a different planet entirely, in a fog of migraine and its attendant medications. 

I didn’t even seem to have the energy to be properly miserable. And, unusually, my Zoom singing session failed to rouse me to any sort of cheerfulness.

Still – there was a small late-afternoon curry-cooking achievement, followed by a pleasant shower and then a tiny burst of online booking excitement when I committed to rail tickets for my May trip to Cornwall (heart skipping beats already) and bizarrely ordered two bags of peat-free compost from the milkman! Who knew?

More uplifting still – a gorgeous pink and blue striated sky at sunset, reminding me not only of the beauty around us, but also of many a plane journey watching the sun going up or down and marvelling at the planet. Before I got too carried away with this, I also congratulated myself on the fact that we were prescient enough to put large picture windows in our loft extension years ago which are still yielding these beautiful sights.

Lastly, I once again looked at an email I received over the weekend announcing that I will soon be sent a link to one of the films I worked on last year as an Extra, before being invited to its London premiere later in the summer. At last – I will be an actual film star!

Cheered up a bit now.


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