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My last post ended on a hope that my Fitbit would win out, and I would continue to achieve a high step-count.

Perhaps this is an unfair analysis, but I’m doing pretty well so far. Having reached the grand old age of 60, I immediately set off on a trip which encompassed:

  • the visiting of an old friend who has somehow transformed himself into the lord of the manor in rural Worcestershire (a very grown-up position),
  • the wedding of my nephew, including the gender reveal of the happy couple’s expected infant at the reception, and
  • a walking holiday in Cornwall.

The first two of these did not assist my step-count much at all, although yomping around the Worcestershire estate went some of the way towards it, but they made me feel that I was at the more senior end of the population. However, the walking has been spectacular and will keep my averages up for some time to come.

Hurrah once again for retirement.

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