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Now is the time when colleagues are returning to their seasonally-rested PCs, and perhaps even the office itself, and it hits me that this retirement malarkey is actually real.

Aside from the marvel that is sleeping past 6am for more than a couple of days in a row, it is actually quite a confusing time with so much to plan and choose. As a result, I seem to expect to achieve loads every day. But of course I don’t do that much because I have to relax! Plus do my steps (yes I’m a Fitbit slave) which today involved setting off to pick up some rail tickets from the station which is about 200 yards from my house, deciding to make a detour to clock up a few hundred steps before lunch, but then pressing on … and on…until I had “achieved” 15000 steps and was so hungry I couldn’t be bothered to stop at the station after all, so keen was I to get home for some food. Lucky to have a royal park close enough to be part of my regular detour route I suppose.

Would this be nicer with a blue sky? Yes, but still lovely.

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