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Soggy middle

Copied on a summary of my career, produced by a former work-team following my star appearance on a conference call presentation of my ‘story’ a few weeks back, I was aghast at how pathetic the whole story sounded. Did I really have such a lacklustre 35 years?

Somehow the summary captured everything negative that I had said, in such a way that it astonished me how I had ever managed to maintain a career at all. Now, I am always terribly self-critical and I’m sure this was an added factor, but I was so deflated and upset that I felt compelled to write and point out at least the factual inaccuracies. On reviewing my original script, I realised that my career could be viewed in three parts –

  1. Early promise – one of the most prestigious graduate schemes, first time passes in qualifying exams, quickest possible promotion and a strategic career move from public to private sector
  2. Stagnation – realisation I was in the wrong specialism. Lack of ambition or focus at work – although productivity in the offspring department (babies!). Lack of promotion – but interesting experience and gradual change of focus.
  3. Success – finally found the combination of work-skills that suited me and progressed up the greasy pole.

For a lot of Stage 2, I was pretty miserable and disengaged at work. I now see this as my ‘soggy middle’. Coincidentally, I matched that with a soggy midriff following my two pregnancies: a midriff I have never completely managed to firm up even now.

I’ve received a fulsome apology – am over it now! I find I am much more chilled these days. Wonder why that is?

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