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I have succeeded in doing my first proper big Sainsbury’s shop today. I walked there, for exercise, sanitised hands, trolley handle and scanner device at the outset (after queuing for maybe fifteen minutes to get in) and was gobsmacked to find shelves re-stocked and most of what I needed, or a reasonable alternative, available.

Cleverly, the scanner prevented me from taking more than two items from the loo-roll and tissue aisle (I tested it) and that pleased me somehow. I suppose I could have stolen an extra item without scanning it, but of course I did not and I’m sure others wouldn’t either!

Once again I was annoyed with myself for being smug about using the scanner and self-packing, which is what they’re advising people to do. We have been doing this for months now because it helps with orderly packing. Erm, well it does when David does it. Sadly, when he brought the car over to collect me, I had to apologise for the dreadful mixing of products and the higgledy-piggledy state of the packing. I know he hates this, but he was so pleased to see that I had succeeded in finding most of his staple foodstuffs, that I think I was forgiven this time.

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