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This appeared on our doorstep yesterday, wrapped in black plastic and clearly addressed to my husband.

Unexpected delivery

We think it’s some sort of pond (probably upside down in this pic). 

We did not order it, but initially suspected our daughter of random-presenting. She denies this, and an online family discussion revealed that none of the other usual suspects who might have misaddressed one of their own orders was to blame.

Although we have been thinking of creating a pond in our garden (hence our suspicion regarding our daughter’s possible gift), I’m not sure this quite fits the bill. And it’s a large and unattractive addition to the indoor household in its current state.

It caused some amusing debate on our family WhatsApp though. Given our potential boredom in the upcoming few weeks, perhaps we can think of novel uses. The current front-runner is creating our very own Tracy Island model. But do we still have the toy Thunderbirds to go with it?

Starts extensive search…

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