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Pensions – wtf…

I think I’m through the Shallows now. But another issue is troubling me – in at the deep end with pension planning.

Pensions are just impenetrable. I think I’ve got the hang of it, then someone tells me something new and it’s all up in the air again. The government expert I consulted this week (for free – hooray) was great, until we got to the questions I couldn’t answer for myself from online sources.

It really doesn’t help that I’ve randomly kept all the pension paperwork I’ve been sent over the years stuffed in a few different boxes around the house (like everything else) and, now I can’t work out which one is which. I think I’ve finally pinned them all down online now – which must surely be the most reliable place (??) – all those extra “strong” passwords I had to devise which I will no doubt forget because of the complexity of the clues I have recorded to remind me what they are. I think I’ll keep the papers just a little bit longer just in case one day it will all become clear.

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