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Oops, I did it again!

Another driving-in-the-dark escapade around the M25 – in the other direction today – to make a 6.15am call time for a different scene of the same production. That’s a full hour and a half later than last time’s ridiculous start, and there was no fog. 

And – hurrah! – today I had checked beforehand:

a) exactly how to operate the headlight full-beam, and 

b) where the heater dial is located.

It was consequently a less stressful experience from a driving perspective. Although the air temperature on my journey was warmer than it had been on the previous trip, the standing around on set was considerably colder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in one place shaking with cold, when pretending it was a balmy September day. This has reminded me that I really should have treated my weepy eyes by now. The constant streaming from my right eye added to the condensation behind the regulation masks we all wore between takes (ie. for hours!), making a soggy mess of my face. I guess it didn’t matter – they have decided not to give me any make-up, as I am clearly radiant enough already (LOL), so there was nothing other than my own super-strength waterproof mascara to spoil.

What struck us particularly, as we were mini-bussed back to our car park in the early afternoon, was how beautiful the surroundings were in the slanty-sunlight. Lucky to be released before it got dark again – we would otherwise have missed a treat. It was just impenetrable black and muddy this morning.

Of course, I am contractually obliged to keep secret the production on which I am now a ‘regular’ (haha – twice already and next week too, regular?), but suffice to say I am VERY EXCITED. 

And COVID-tested to within an inch of my life.

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