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OMG I slept with my brother-in-law

Not so shocking actually – we were in bunk beds and my husband was there too.  Oops, is that worse?

No – really, it was part of a big family weekend. We rent a whole youth hostel once a year to accommodate the seemingly vast numbers of relatives on one side of his family. To me, with very limited resources in the sibling and cousin department, it never ceases to impress me that there can be such a range of people with wildly mixed generations all happily chatting, playing games, eating, drinking, arguing and laughing together – and regularly asking each other whether they are second cousins or first cousins once removed. Why do we never remember this from one year to the next?

We’ve decided we need a bigger hostel next year. The more the merrier- and I’ll be retired so I can actually cook something to take with us instead of raiding Waitrose on the way.

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