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Not a proper neighbour?

It turns out I’m not on the neighbourhood WhatsApp. Not sure why – probably my own oversight somewhere along the line.

They have apparently been asking people to help out with a number of things. I have already been asked if I would like to be on the cookery rota. I declined. I’m not a great cook, but more to the point, I don’t actually know what other people eat these days. If it’s cooking for old people I could have a bash, but not for the young NHS family – they’d be horrified, I’m sure.

And now they want us to sew mailbags, or maybe it’s pillowcases for nurses – or some such. Sounds great, but I don’t have a sewing machine or the skill needed to go with it. Call myself a woman? Another polite no.

Aaarggh. There must be something I’m equipped to do apart from sit at my laptop drivelling on.

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