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‘Networking’ (or trying to get to the supermarket)

It took me an hour to get to the supermarket today. I kept meeting people. That’s one of the benefits of walking, as long as I have the time to stop – and today, I did. Happily, so did several others. Other non-workers, of course.

I spoke to five different people on my perambulations. Interestingly it was the three men who had time to chat. I must have spent 5-10 minutes with each of them. The two women were charging around – each on their way to something, and back from something else. This is often me as well – slightly late for my next appointment/train/bus. I’m confident (yes, really) they were not trying to avoid me – just too busy this time and actually that was a relief (yes, again, really) or I’d still be out there.

I got tips for theatre visits, a possible lead for someone to help with some accounting work and a reminder about a social event this evening. And made a connection between two people I wasn’t aware knew each other. So, this was not just idle chat (not that it matters).

There was a blue-sky, but it was a cold and still-blustery day. As a result, my right eye was having a fine-old time constantly tipping tears down my face. Only one of my chatterers commented on the waterworks.

Maybe the other two thought they’d better keep chatting to try and cheer me up!



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