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Mind the gap

There wasn’t supposed to be such a long gap between posts as there seems to have been from the one just published and the one before that. Just incompetence in actually publishing. I know I pressed the ‘publish’ button, but sometimes it doesn’t complete.

So, that’s another failure. One thing after another.

(“Another” being the lack of success of the latest attempt to get rid of chronic migraine. Although there may have been mild improvement – ie. a few odd days off here and there, and a slight improvement in my sleep which wasn’t really a problem anyway – I am still waking to an evil headache more days than not, and also – to my annoyance – my resting heart rate has gone up a few notches. Whilst my Fitbit still awards me Excellent for my age etc, I am disappointed that one of things I clung to as a source of pride (resting heart rate in mid-50s) has been taken from me. It’s now in the low-60s – still apparently brilliant, of course.)

It’s just as well the small birds are singing and the Spring is here (despite snow yesterday). 

Oh, and remember, I have a three-night break in Cornwall partially booked for May. Now that really does help!

Onward and upward etc.

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