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Memories of smells past

One year ago today, we picked up a campervan to begin our four-week tour of New Zealand. What a great adventure that was! I can hardly believe it’s a whole year ago.

At the campsite where they lent me a can of ‘Oust!’ You couldn’t smell it from this distance.

Looking in my handwritten diary documenting the trip, I see that I made reference on Day 1 to what was to become an ongoing, and extremely annoying, theme of the holiday: the smell in the van. We never completely eradicated it during the whole time, but made good Facebook mileage out of our attempts to do so, which included a great deal of campsite laundry trips and multiple applications of ‘Oust” – the first can of which was kindly loaned by a campsite owner who took pity on us.

Clambering around my cab-over bed, with its limited headroom and awkward cushions and pillows, became a regular event, which my driver (Mr J, who has a less sensitive nose and had chosen to sleep on a more accessible and slightly less smelly bunk) apparently found amusing to watch. 

I always enjoy a bit of comedy. Had never seen myself as a physical comedienne until then though…

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