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My whole body hurts.

I have been trying to persuade myself that there are other reasons (hunching over my laptop longer than usual playing with my new music software or trying to fathom the pension and tax rules has perhaps exacerbated my shoulder pain) but I have to face facts. It’s our lovely new mattress. 

I have already alerted the company and they have suggested – and indeed are supplying for free – a thin soft mattress topper. It should arrive next week. But truth to tell, we have been using our own old topper to see if that helps, and it does not. 

This is a most depressing state of affairs. After several years of dithering, I had finally got round to buying a new mattress to improve my comfort and replace the old one which is nearly 14 years old. And it has made everything worse. I have had a dodgy lower back since my thirties but have been managing it better over the past few years. Any minute now it will seize up.

Look on the bright side though. Part of the reason the memory foam mattress is causing these issues is, I suspect, that I sleep so well that I don’t actually move at all overnight.

I suppose that, at my time of life, I should be grateful for that at least.

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