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Key change

I’m having a musical theatre phase. I blame Phillip Schofield.

I listened to Mr Schofield’s autobiography recently on Audible and was reminded of his starring role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in the 1990s. His obvious love of the whole experience was very evocative and touched a musical and theatrical nerve in me. Of course, I had to listen to a few Joseph songs as background research. I knew every word to some of them – we did it at school!

So it was that, when my daily podcast listen ended mid-Park yesterday,  I set to thinking about musicals I’ve enjoyed and landed on Dear Evan Hansen which was one of the last live productions I saw in London before Coronavirus closed everything down. A quick Spotify search and I was off, into the realms of over-emoting and dramatic key changes.

Within seconds of the first big number, I realised I was walking faster, taller, shoulders back, feet better planted at each step. Eyes raised to the skies, I breathed in and out – this almost had me being proper mindful! How strange. I wouldn’t say I am a fully signed-up devotee of this kind of music, but I’m a sucker for a live performance and would kill to be able to take part in a really good musical (ok, I exaggerate and that ship most definitely never floated let alone sailed).  But it seems that this music has uplifting and therapeutic properties. Hurrah!

I know I beat time a little with my hands as I get swept up in the moment – I hope no-one notices. I also can’t help smiling when I know they’re going up a key – triumphant each time I remember before it happens.

I am almost (almost) certain I didn’t sing anything until I had closed my front door at home.

Almost certain…

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