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Give me a tedious mechanical task

Whilst it was too hot to go outside today, and unusually I had the house to myself, I offered to help with packing some face-coverings for the sewing organisation I’ve been working with recently.

Strangely therapeutic. Sanitising the table, careful washing of hands, donning of my own face-covering – then to work with boxes of sealable freezer bags, ready-cut pieces of paper with instructions on usage to insert in the bags, and then the beautiful face-coverings themselves in a box by my side. A tiny production line all of my own. The resulting larger box of neatly packaged items was so satisfying. This was a practical task I could actually do, even with my two left hands – miracle!

People have taken great care in sewing these, to adhere to patterns which give the greatest protection (presumably still giving that protection mainly to others rather than the wearer, but hey-ho) and many of them were so lovely that I wanted to keep them. Some of the material they have used is charming, some utilitarian, some wacky, but if love and care could protect us, then these most surely would.


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